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On Motorbike Tour with Kurt in the South of France
from 12-18 July, 2001
A translation by Gail from Melbourne

Travelling along the Rhone we came to Provence, then the Cevennes and the Alps. We came home again through Alsace. We had good experiences with bed-and-breakfast and supermarket petrol stations. In spite of my fall, it was a lovely trip.

german version


1. day   Worms => S = Saint-Etienne-du-Bois 650 km     2.

We went along the Autobahn until Landau, then through Kandel in the direction of Strassbourg and on the N83 until we got to the "Chambre d‘Hôtes" [bed & breakfast] of Nicole and Etienne. Also staying with us were two married couples from Lorraine and Belgium. Nicole cooked <coq au vin> and <on the banks of the Rhone> we were delightfully entertained and laughed a lot. But, in a double bed two men do not sleep particularly well!

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2. day   Saint-Etienne => L'Estréchure/Cévennes = 350 km    3.
After a breakfast (toasted baguette with butter and marmalade on a napkin) we started out during a break in the rain. In Bourg-on-Bresse  I slid on a wet painted arrow marking the direction, stopping for a red traffic light. The result: left mirror broken, left indicator and trunk crumpled, footrest damaged. But I was ok. We lost three and a half hours waiting for the ADAC to come and a Honda workshop to do makeshift repairs after the lunch break. So we arrived at 21.30 at Alfred’s and Renate’s in the Cervennes.

3. day Cévennes - Pont du gare  4.

A trip to the baker’s with Alfred as a pillion passenger, breakfast in the courtyard, a walk to the passport office, and many words of wisdom from Alfred — this left a nice impression before we travelled to Maruejols lès Gardon. Colette came sleepily from bed and, with Jean-Claude, made us a second bed next to the big bed. Then we could visit Uezes, an ancient town, and the world-famous Pont du Gare.

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4. day  Nimes und Anduze   5.
Because it was raining, we had breakfast in the kitchen with Colette. So, we found out all about the Winzer family. In spite of the rain, we started out for Carmargue. In Nîmes, to stay dry, we escaped in the Temple and met up again in the Arena. We ate our sandwiches under an umbrella. Because the rain didn’t want to stop, we stepped through puddles in the Jardin de la Fontaine at the Tour Magne. Our motor cycle clothes prevented us from getting wet through to the skin, so we went back in the afternoon.

With the  Motor cycle of Kurt we went to Anduze (Porte du Cevennes, a village with atmosphere). We have had an Italian dinner and drank the good wine of the winegrower.


5. day Vallées du Gardon - Barcelonnette
We enjoyed breakfast in the garden! After that, we visited Avignon, the Pope’s town, and danced "sur le Pont d'Avignon". Then we thoroughly photographed the "Grand Canyon du Verdon". After quite a few passes (e.g., Col d'Allos 2153m) we came across one of the Jazz festivals in Barcelonnette and there were no more beds. In the ski-hotel, "Le Soleil des Neiges", about 8 km outside Barcelonnette, we were well looked after. We passed the time drinking chilled red wine — brrrr! 

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6. day Barcelonnette - Chanay

The clouds hanging over the mountains stopped us from crossing the high passes such as Col de l‘Iseran, 2770m. We came through Grenoble, past Lac du Bourget, near Chanay/Rhone. Nevertheless, we had fun on the many curves and over the little passes. We landed at Karine and Françoise‘s who gave us a room in a large log cabin. In Seyssel/Rhone (NB beautiful hanging bridge) we ate and then drank local wine in the log cabin.

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7. day: homeward  è
Through the beautiful Valmijoux and Lons le Saunier on the N83, through the Jura and Dole regions, we reached Alsace via Belfort. Then we went on the autobahn.

At the petrol station at Strasbourg I put down my last 100 Francs and asked the way. An announcement gave us the information. After that the cashier wanted more money. After a long argument with the boss, a german-speaking shop assistant and the cashier, I threatened to report the issue. When I pointed out the continuous video, I received the remaining money.

We crossed the border at Kandel and came home in the dark.

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résumé:  France and the French were a wonderful experience again. Chambre d'Hôtes are well marked in the streets, I find them ideally. Useful guidebooks are: Chambre D'hotes, Bed & Breakfast, Guide de franc. For re-fuelling in France, Supermarkets have favourable prices.

Chambre d'Hôtes

Nicole et Etienne Lozano, Les Chatonnières, 01370 Saint-Etienne-du-Bois (ca. 2 km nach dem Ort links der Straße) Tel: 04 74 30 53 20

Colette et Jean-Claude Villaret, 30350 Maruejols les Gardon, Tel: 04 66 83 42 96

Restaurant L'Ermitage, 83630 Les Salles sur Verdon, Tel: 04 94 84 22 40

Les Fustes d'Izernore 01420 Chanay, Tel: 04 50 59 54 66, email:

Hotel: "Le Soleil des Neiges", 04400 Le Sauze/Barcelonnette, Tel: 04 92 81 05 01

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